Here are some of the most common problems users encounter when trying to access their Real Estate Management site:

User Not Found
The Login Name entered was not found in the system!

While we would like for you to call and verify what this should be, we cannot give out that information for security reasons. Contact your board system owner or broker to assist you with this matter.

Please remember that passwords are case sensitive. If the login name/password combination has been verified to be correct and access is still denied, please contact our support line 24/7 for assistance at (256) 596-5253.

Access Denied
The information entered was not found in the system.

After three unsuccessful attempts to access the system, it will be necessary to close your internet browser, reopen and try again. A "lockout" occurs after the third attempt which makes it impossible to enter successfully unless you leave and come back.

Incorrect Browser
Our servers check to make sure each user has the necessary internet browsing software capable of processing the advanced code needed to bring the features and functionality you need for a real estate management system. If a user is found to have an internet browser that does not meet the minimum criteria (currently Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 6.1), then the above message will display. The browser software will need an upgrade. Click here to upgrade to the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.


Agent Login
Login Name: 

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